NHV Hat Competition 2020

Heavenly Hats

Welcome to the 15e edition of the international NHV Hats competition 'Hemelse Hoeden'!

Heavenly hatsFor the 2020 competition you will be asked to design a men's or women's (cocktail) hat or fascinator based on the theme of 'Heavenly Hats'. You can interpret the theme as strictly or freely as you want.


Everyone can register for this competition, whether you are a hobbyist, a professional, advanced or starting hatter, live within the Netherlands or across the border.
An annually changing jury of experts will select from the entries on the basis of originality, quality and hat craftsmanship a selection of 10 nominated hats, from which the winning design will then be chosen.

The final registration date for the competition is 1 February 2020. Your design must then be received no later than 15 April 2020 at the registration address.


The submitted designs are on 6 June 2020 presented in an opening show in the Sint Janskerk in Schiedam. The winners of the design competition will be announced after the show. The competition hats will remain on display for two weeks in Schiedam after the opening show. Further information about the opening show will follow in March.


This year's jury members are: Ann Cluyts (hat designer and fashion teacher), Judith Kadee (curator at Escher in Het Paleis), Mirjam Nuver (hat designer) and Corine Notenboom (student at the HMC in Amsterdam).

Ann Cluyts graduated as a fashion teacher. Pretty soon she became passionate about hats and followed a three-year course in fashion. In the meantime, she has been a teacher of hats and accessories in adult education at the CVO VTI Lier-Antwerp (Belgium) for 23 years. When asked where her focus is within the discipline, she spontaneously answers: "Acquiring and refining the right technology and continuously updating my professional knowledge". The slogan that she uses during her work is: "Where technology, creativity and passion go together, something unique arises."

Judith Kadee is a curator at Escher in Het Paleis. She researches the world-famous artist MC Escher and makes exhibitions in the museum at the Lange Voorhout. She previously worked as director of the Villa Mondriaan museum. At the time of her 24 year, she was the youngest museum director in the Netherlands. She is also the chairman of the jury for the Student Design Competition of the Prinsjeshatwalk in The Hague.

Mirjam Nuver graduated in 1985 from the Minerva Academy of Visual Arts in Groningen, where she studied Graphic Design. After the academy, she worked as a freelance designer. She also worked part-time in her mother's hat shop in Groningen. Here, unconsciously, the foundation was laid for her ultimate field. Faced with an aging group of customers, she saw it as a challenge to design hats that could inspire younger women to start wearing hats, not because it was fun.
In 1991 she followed a post-graduate course at the Academy of Visual Arts in Arnhem: Fashion Design and Strategy. In addition to 'portable' collections, she designed unique and one-off copies, with the emphasis more on special and distinct forms.
Since 2013, Mirjam has had a store in the center of Amsterdam, the emphasis of her work has shifted a little more to contact and interaction with customers. Her hats have been purchased by museums at home and abroad and she has won various prizes with her designs.

Corine Notenboom is an 4e year student at the HMC in Amsterdam.


The winner will of course receive the silver NHV hat pin. In addition, the following prizes have been made available:

1e price
Tools for hat making worth € 700 by Hatblocks Roland from Spain
Men's hat block set (sphere and brim) worth GBP435 (= € 500) by Guy Morse-Brown from England
Voucher worth € 350 by fa. De Vroey from Belgium

2e price
Voucher worth € 300 by Artipistilos from Spain
Voucher worth € 300 by Masario from Spain
Voucher worth € 300 by The Trimming Company from England

3e price
Voucher worth € 300 by Plooij Hats & Materials from the Netherlands

Audience prize
Workshop Fosshape by Pierre & Pierre from the Netherlands


The costs for participation are € 35 for members and € 50 for non-members.
Participants have free access to the opening show in June and receive a photo book with all submitted designs after the show.

Submit submission

For all participants applies: your competition hat serves appearance 15 April 2020 to have been received at the delivery address. Send the following information by e-mail as well as by mail (in the box of your competition hat):

  • A picture of your hat on the head of a doll or person
  • A label with the address to which the hat must be returned
  • A post return stamp
  • Explanation about the materials used and your inspiration

Delivery address
p / a NHV
Jozef Israëlsplein 8
2596 AS The Hague

Do you after reading the competition conditions any questions? Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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