Hat competition

International annual competition & exhibition

The hat competition is getting more and more interest at home and abroad and has built up a good reputation in a very short time. First only Belgian members participated from abroad, in recent years we have also welcomed German, English, Australian, Norwegian, French and American and Canadian participants.

Everyone can register for the NHV hat contest / exhibition, from renowned hat designers to passionate one-time hobbyists. The subject leaves a lot of room for the maker's imagination. This is clearly visible in the great diversity and high quality of the entries.

Maximum 50 hats can eventually participate in the opening hat show and the three-week exhibition that accompanies this competition. An annually changing jury sets the selection from the entries based on originality, quality and hat craftsmanship, from which the winning design is then chosen. The public can vote for her own favorite hat.

NHV Professional jury prize

1e price - NHV 'De Zilveren Hoedenspeld' and vouchers for materials
2e price - Gift vouchers for materials
3e price - Gift vouchers for materials

NHV Audience Award

1e price - Workshop

Edition 2020

For the NHV Hats competition 2020 the theme 'Heavenly Hats' has been chosen.
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Edition 2019

The theme of the hat competition of 2019 was 'City Styles'. On 1 June 2019 the opening show of all entries took place at Jansen-Noy in Sevenum.

NHV hat show 2019 01

1e Price
Arjan Schippers with 'Millefiori'
(top photo)

2e Price
Antje L├╝cke with 'Streets of London'
(photo below left)

3e Price
Mirjam de Rijke with 'Cognac'
(photo bottom right)

NHV hat show 2019 02NHV hat show 2019 03

Curious about even more creations from participating designers? View entries from the past years in the photo gallery.



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