NHV Hat Competition 2015

Art deco

The theme of the hat contest of 2015 was Art deco.

Art deco is a popular style movement from the period 1920 to 1939. It is a decorative, 'decorative' style that derives its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decorativs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925 and is the successor of Art Nouveau.

The winning designs

All entries for the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd were presented on Saturday 6 June 2015 during a sparkling opening show at Restaurant De Gaanderij in Leiden. After the opening show the ten nominated hats and the winning designs were announced by the jury.

Curious about the creations of the participating designers? View all entries in the photo gallery.

De genomineerden

contest 2015 nominations-3contest 2015 nominations-4

Left photo, from left to right - Mieke Geluk, Piet van Manen, Clementine Jesterhoudt, Elly Stemerdink, Piet van Manen

Right photo, from left to right - Angelika Löbering, Renee Gase, Monique Scheldeman, Clementine Jesterhoudt, Rolien Korsjens

The winners


hat show-2015-02hat show-2015-03hat show-2015-04

From left to right - Renee Gase (1e prize), Monique Scheldeman (2e prize), Rolien Korstjens (3e prize)

Audience prize

But you too can decide what the most beautiful creation of this competition is. All competition hats can be seen from 7 up to 27 June 2015 at Kunsthuis Leiden, Nieuwstraat 35 in Leiden. Visitors to the exhibition can vote on their favorite model on the spot.
Have you not attended the opening show and do not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in Kunsthuis Leiden? Let Facebook know which model was the best by clicking on the NHV Facebook page to give a 'like' to one or more favorite designs.

Vote too!

You can vote until 27 June 2015. The ten designs that received the most votes on Facebook at that time are awarded points. The hat with the most votes gets 10 points, number two 9 points, etc. The same applies to the votes that are released at the exhibition in Kunsthuis Leiden. The points of Facebook and the points of the exhibition in Leiden are added together, after which it is determined which hat has collected the most points.
The winner of the Audience Award will be announced in number 51 of the HoedenNieuws. The prize itself will be awarded during the National Hats Day on 7 November 2015.

Jury members

The jury this year consisted of Berry Rutjes (left), Monique van Sandick (center) and Bernadette Drenth (right).

contest-2015 jury

Berry Rutjes has specialized in the classic, traditional techniques of hat making after her fashion training in The Hague at the London College of Fashion. In her own studio: Berry Rutjes Hatdesign, she designs and makes hats in all shapes and sizes for the most diverse women, from the regular student to Queen Maxima. She sees the making and design of hats as more than a profession, it is her passion. Everything comes together in a hat: creativity, craftsmanship and appearance.

Moniek from Sandick is a graduate anthropologist. She is born in Brabant but since her studies at the University of Leiden she has continued to live there. Since 2006 she is here, as she calls it, a good-tempered city councilor. Her interest in hats started early, during sniffing in the dressbox and then with the books of Cissy van Marxveldt. They played off very appropriately in the time of the Art Deco period. Later, as a wedding official, she enjoyed the special headpieces of the mother of the bride to her heart's content.

Bernadette Drenth graduated as textile designer at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Her work is inspired by traditional textile techniques and historical monumental costumes, but she combines this with unusual materials such as plastics, cardboard, tin and even wood. This results in 'Stately Clothing' or 'Wearable Art': costumes that can be worn, but those that are more walking artwork than fashion. With her one-man company TEX & explanation she is active in the field of textile design, theater design, lessons and workshops, and she also contributes both in a creative and organizational way to the 3 October association of Leiden.


All competition hats can be seen from 7 up to 27 June 2015 in Kunsthuis Leiden.

Kunsthuis Leiden
Nieuwstraat 35
2312 KA Leiden



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