NHV Hat Competition 2018

The Flying Dutchman

contest 2018Especially for the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd 2018 Van der Broek designed Hinnenmallen from Schinnen a hat block. Simple in form, but because of that it can be used in a lot of different ways!

The assignment was to use the block as a basis to create an original and striking design. The shape (s) made with the block could be adapted in all possible ways; the shape may be upside down / inside-out / back-front, folded, deformed, cut into pieces, repetitive, etc. used. Everything was possible as long as the end result showed that the shape of the block had been taken as the starting point.

Hat show & exhibition

Op Saturday 2 June At 13.45 hour, the opening show of the NVH Hoedenwedstrijd 2018 will take place at the Stadsschouwburg 'De Harmonie' in Leeuwarden. All designs made for the 'De Vliegende Hollander' competition are presented here for the first time. After the show the winners will be announced by the jury. Subsequently, all designs up to and including 24 June can be viewed in De Harmonie.

Entrance tickets
Do you want to be present at the opening show? Then book a spot through it application form.
The costs are € 10, this includes a cup of coffee in advance and a snack and a drink afterwards. Access is free for participants in the competition.


The jury members of this year are: Petra Zijlstra (main events of De Harmonie), Durkje van Nuyen (hat designer) and Charon van Hoof (student at the Creative Craftsman, making hats).


The winner of the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd receives the NHV Zilveren Hoedenspeld. In addition, the winners receive:

1e price
- voucher € 300 of Artipistilos
- voucher € 200 of Plooij Hats & Materials
- Wooden Art Déco cup of Hat jigs Van der Broek

2e price
- voucher € 200 of De Vroey
- Workshop of your choice worth € 125 Silk flower

3e price
- voucher € 150 of Pierre & Pierre Millinery Supplies
- Book 'Tiara Headdresses' by Denise Innes-Spencer, British School of Millinery

Audience prize

After the opening show, there will be an opportunity from 15.30 hours to view all entries and to let you know what you think is the best entry via a voting form. If you can not attend the opening show, there is the possibility to cast your vote for the public award. Go between 2 and 24 June to NHV Facebook page and let there know which design you think the audience should receive. The winner of the public award will be announced in September.

Ten points that received the most votes on Facebook at the end of that day are awarded points. The hat with the most votes gets 10 points, number two 9 points, etc. The same applies to the votes that are released at the exhibition in the Stadsschouwburg. The points of Facebook and the points of the exhibition at the Stadsschouwburg are added together, after which it is determined which hat has collected the most points.
The winner of the Audience Award will be announced in number 63 of Hatlines. The prize itself will be awarded during the NHV Hoedendag on 27 October 2018.

Location exposition

Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie
Equestrian quarter 4
8911 BP Leeuwarden

About Hoedenmallen Van der Broek

More information about this block maker from Schinnen can be read in edition 60 of the NHV magazine Hatlines. Or visit their website www.hoedenmallen.nl.

View previous entries

Curious about the creations of all participating designers? View all entries from the past years in the photo gallery.



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