NHV Hat Competition 2018

The Flying Dutchman

For the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd 2018 again an assignment was chosen with an NHV competition block!
Especially for the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd 2018 Van der Broek designed Hinnenmallen from Schinnen a hat block. Simple in form, but because of that it can be used in a lot of different ways!

contest 2018 blockThe assignment is to use this block (dimensions: length 15 cm, width 12 cm and height 8 cm) as basis, to create an original and striking design for the theme 'The Flying Dutchman'. The shape (s) you make with the block can be modified in all possible ways; use the shape upside down, inside out, backwards, fold it, deform it, cut it into pieces, use it repetitively, etc.
Everything is possible as long as the final result shows that you have taken the form of the block as the starting point.


Anyone can register for this competition, whether you are a hobbyist, a professional, advanced or starting hatter, living in the Netherlands or across the border.
An annually changing jury of experts will select from the entries on the basis of originality, quality and hat craftsmanship a selection of 10 nominated hats, from which the winning design will then be chosen.

Since it is now maximum number of registrations reached is, it is no longer possible to sign up for participation in this competition.


The submitted designs will be presented in June 2018 in an opening show in the city theater De Harmonie in Leeuwarden. After the show, the winners of the design competition will be announced. The competition hats will remain in the theater for a few weeks after the opening show. Further information about this day will follow in March.


1e price
- voucher € 300 of Artipistilos
- voucher € 200 of Plooij Hats & Materials
- Wooden Art Déco cup of Hat jigs Van der Broek

2e price
- voucher € 200 of De Vroey
- Workshop of your choice worth € 125 Silk flower

3e price
- voucher € 150 of Pierre & Pierre Millinery Supplies
- Book 'Tiara Headdresses' by Denise Innes-Spencer, British School of Millinery


The costs for participation are € 75 for members and € 100 for non-members.
This price includes participation, the competition block and the shipping costs for sending the block. Participants also have free access to the opening show in the Stadsschouwburg in Leeuwarden and receive a photo book with all submitted designs after the show.

The match block that you receive will remain your property. Thanks to sponsorship of Van der Broek Hoedenmallen this time you can not only participate in the NHV Hoedenwedstrijd and be present at the opening show, but you also get a beautiful professional hat block for a small additional charge!

Submit submission

For all participants applies: your competition hat serves appearance 15 April 2018 to have been received at the delivery address. Send the following information by e-mail as well as by mail (in the box of your competition hat):

  • A picture of your hat on the head of a doll or person
  • A label with the address to which the hat must be returned
  • A post return stamp
  • Explanation about the materials used and your inspiration

Delivery address
p / a NHV
Jozef Israëlsplein 8
2596 AS The Hague

Do you still have questions after reading the competition conditions and the registration form? Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Hoedenmallen Van der Broek

More information on this block maker can be read in the Winter 2017 edition of the NHV magazine Hatlines (nr. 60). Or visit their website www.hoedenmallen.nl

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