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MBO training hat designer

mboIn the Netherlands there are two schools that offer a full-time secondary vocational education as a hat maker in the direction of 'Creative Professionals'.

The Creative Trainer courses are four-year vocational training, in which you become acquainted with leather, textile, ceramics, glass and the techniques of decoration and restoration in the first year. From year 2 you can opt for the specialization of making hats.


HMC, MBO Vocational School in Amsterdam
Sint Lucas College in Boxtel

Professional competence profile Hat Designer

The development of the professional competence profile was supervised by a committee consisting of the representatives of the Dutch Hats Association (NHV), the Hoedenplatform Foundation (HP) and SVGB knowledge and training center.

Branch exam Hat Designer

In 5 modules you develop from aspiring hatter to good craftsman / woman who knows the tricks of the trade. In the design of the industry exam, attention is paid to both theory and practice, but quality comes first.

The industry exam was developed in the expectation that there would be ample interest in the training. However, since no candidates have yet registered, there is currently no exam organization active.
The complete program can, however, be downloaded by interested parties. This gives an idea of ​​the skills that a hatter needs to master. The indicated end level can be reached by following workshops with professional hat makers, using the industry exam as a guide.



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